Parallel Cut-Off Saw for Profiles | Cefla Finishing

Focus On

Since this cutting system does not require profile clamping, it causes no marks on the decorative material nor profile deformations.


The flying cut-off saws from the SynCut series always move synchronically to the profile. This way, they guarantee a high-quality cut, even for light-weight work pieces. All of them feature a smart control unit which automatically traces the cutting point. This replaces the manual programming of the saw and reduces set-up times.


  • Possibility of programming or reproducing piece cutting up to 20 fixed lengths or half lengths.
  • Feature allowing "continuous material" separation into pre-programmed fixed lengths.
  • SynCut 220: speed of up to 60 cuts per minute equal to 110m/min.
  • Types, depending on cutting area: SynCut 150B, SynCut 220, SynCut 360