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Smartclean PRO allows any type of panel intended for coating to be cleaned with dry and wet brushes, as well as with other available aggregate materials. 


Smartclean PRO is the most complete solution for all cleaning needs on laminate panels, raw panels, panels sanded after coating and intended for glossy and matt finishing with known roller, spray and curtain coating techniques. High-performance solutions that guarantee superior productivity, combined with easy handling of all workpieces.

This machine is particularly suitable for cleaning wooden panels before coating, as well as for deep cleaning all surfaces in general.

Each function is controlled from a control station via a touch-screen display unit.

Extractor hoods are provided to avoid dispersing dust in the environment.


  • Exclusive design of the machine structure to host a work platform with a variety of setup combinations suitable for meeting all cleaning needs.
  • Upper brushes equipped with an independent lifting system to adjust their position with respect to the pressure roller plane.
  • Superior cleaning performance compared to machines with only dry rotating brushes.
  • The surfaces are electrostatically discharged thanks to contact with humidified transversal brushes.
  • Option to process multiple panels simultaneously and small-sized panels.
  • Fully enclosed machine, complete with all safety devices.
  • Inverter control on the conveyor and on all brushes, to allow for independent adjustments.
  • Management and control of all operational functions from the control station via a touch-screen display.



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