PSP6 | Cefla Finishing

Focus On

  • Wood and wood based materials
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Fiber cement


The PSP6, ideal for flooring and other lineal profiles, enhances productivity by combining high quality and efficiency while providing a low environmental impact. Compatible with water-based and solvent-based  applications. Stainless steel construction is easy to clean. Multiple filters provide optimal airflow that minimize coating overspray. Reading barrier scans parts as they enter spray cavity to provide an accurate quantity of coating material to each part. The machine can easily be integrated with profile stacking, material handling, lateral/cross transfer equipment to simplify operations procedures. Adjustable infeed guides ensure parts are correctly fed into the spray cavity. The infeed/outfeed belts feature rollers with a protective sleeve inside the spray booth. Multiple infeed and outfeed belt options available. Large viewing window helps operator see spray application in real time. The drive system combines a 30-150 fpm conveyor with inverter-controlled conveyor speed and an ATEX-rated conveyor drive motor.

Machine speed: 150ft/min (45m/min). Working width 12”W (max) x 36”L (min); short part kit available.


The PSP6 is designed for easy clean-up with stainless steel construction. Lightweight design means machine can easily be moved to accommodate shop redesign – no heavy equipment or cranes required.

The PSP6 is available in two circuitry configurations with high and low pressure options. Choose either 3+3 guns on two circuits for a combined high and low pressure, or a 6-gun configuration on either a high or low pressure circuit. Two circuits can be loaded with different colors to facilitate the speed of color changes mid-shift or mid-project.

Filter areas throughout the machine provide more machine uptime, optimal airflow to decrease part contamination, and easy clean-up. Rear filter cabinet features dual removeable metal filters with space enough for consumable nylon filters for maximized filtration.

Mobile cleaning trolley rests seamlessly under spray cavity and collects overspray into two removeable Teflon-coated collection trays to cleaning ease. Trolley features four wheels that allow operator to easily remove excess coating from machine and spray area. Coating recuperation is an optional feature.

The PSP6 features a six-inch color touch screen with large graphics that is easy to understand for operators at any stage in their training. Other control features include ATEX-rated automatic trigger solenoids and individual ON/OFF switches for all guns, as well as manual test triggers. Individual atomization pressure controls, remote service via ethernet connection, and ATEX-rated door safety switches all contribute to the PSP’s consistently excellent performance.


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