Slitting and Winding Machine | Cefla Finishing

Focus On

Since the automatic positioning of the knives takes only two minutes, set-up is exceptionally fast. The positioning performed by the machine increases working safety and precision of the cut. 


For constant and optimal tension, the brake force is constantly adjusted to the reel’s diameter. Using friction winding shafts, the traction is transferred to the material that is to be rewound depending on its specific width. 
In this way, it also cuts and rewinds thin paper and thermoplastic foils without any burrs or crease-whitening.


  • dramatically shorter setup times
  • suitable for different types of material, from thin paper reels to thermoplastic films
  • slitting widths that can be managed via a touch-screen
  • maximum accuracy
  • system designed to ensure constant speed
  • material thickness 0,2 mm to 2 mm
  • working width up to 700 mm
  • strip width min 19 mm
  • reel diameter max 700 mm
  • cutting speed 10- 150 m/min