CVR Vacuum Finishing System | Cefla Finishing

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This finishing system integrates sanding, staining and drying into a single unit, perfect for water-based staining and priming applications. 
The easily controlled vacuum system enhances grain without additional brush or hand wiping.


Water-Based Stain or Primer Application and Drying

The CVR finishing system for profiles integrates sanding, coating and drying in one single and easy to use machine. A vacuum unit applies water-based stain or primer uniformly onto any profile or shape to produce a consistent and uniform coloring. This vacuum process enhances grain definition without the need for brush or hand wiping.

  1. Pre-Sanding/Denibbing: Upon request the in-feed conveyor can accommodate sanding heads with abrasive strip brushes for pre-sanding prior to coating application.
  2. Vacuum Application: The stain/primer is applied by a stainless steel vacuum coater system. It is possible to control the amount of applied product equally on up to 4 sides by simply increasing or decreasing the vacuum level in the application head.
  3. Short Wave IR drying: After exiting the vacuum head the profile enters an IR curing tunnel and passes under multiple high intensity IR emitters. The emitters irradiate the moulding 360° for perfect curing in just seconds. The freshly coated mouldings can then be stacked or processed immediately thereafter.


  • Combines sanding, staining and curing into a single, easy-to-use machine
  • Sanding: fully-controllable pre-sanding with abrasive strip brushes
  • Four-side, adjustable, vacuum application
  • Multi-lamp, infra-red curing in just seconds
  • Frequency-controlled feed and brush motors allow tightly controlled production speeds
  • Integrated PLCs for full production control
  • Low VOC emissions | Reduced flammability
  • Closed loop system offers maximum transfer efficiency and minimizes coating waste 
  • Low coatings costs
  • Consistent results
  • Small production footprint


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