Nozzle assembly for adhesive application

Slot coater is a nozzle assembly for adhesive coating of all finishing materials on reels, including rough veneers.

Application Fields

Frames for paintings/furniture
Profiles and door profiles
Furniture components
Interior floor and wall coverings
Flat panels


Wood and wood-based materials


Sloat coater is the best solution for adhesive coating of all finishing materials, including rough veneer up to widths of 1400 mm.
A number of advantages make it the all-round most advantageous solution on the market: up to 30% less adhesive required than for roller application, and flawless adhesive application for top quality end product results.
No valves and no blind spots in the melted adhesive line.


  • Patented adhesive guidance and nozzle slide geometry.
  • 100% adhesive replacement in the base plate regardless of current coating width.
  • Separately adjustable slides for asymmetrical adhesive coating.
  • Mouthpieces are extremely durable and permanently anti-adherent coated.
  • Safe and simple filter replacement using practical stainless steel screwed cartridge.
  • Easy removal of cured adhesive residues by means of anti-adherent coating.
  • Slot coater control by language-independent touch-screen operation on request.
  • Automatic slot coater positioning at wrapping material edge on request.

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