RoboWrap WIndow technology

RoboWrap Window

Wrapping of pvc and metal profiles

RoboWrap is the wrapping machine for pvc and metal profiles that allows a profile change to be set up in no time

Application Fields

Windows coating
Extruded parts coating
Extruded parts


Metal coating
Plastic coating

Focus on

RoboWrap is equipped with a system for automatically sensing the geometry and diameter of each individual pressure roller after each wrapping cycle


The RoboWrap is the first fully automatic wrapping machine which deserves this name. Once the settings for a specific profile are approved and saved, all you have to do is to select them when it comes to produce the same type of profile again. Then the machine will do its set up all by itself. The software, which we are continually developing, is now able to decide by itself which pressure roll has to be used in which position in order to reproduce a perfect result.


  • constant and hence calculable set up time
  • software is being updated regularly and becomes more intelligent each time
  • positions of rolls can be corrected via tablet while machine is running
  • set up time independent from profile's geometry
  • easy-to-use software, works by drag & drop
  • less scrap parts, because positions of pressure rolls will be exactly reproduced

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