PowerWrap Wood Düspohl

PowerWrap Wood

Wooden Profile Wrapping

PowerWrap is in all respects one of the most advanced solutions for wooden profile wrapping operations.

Application Fields

Furniture components coating
Furniture components
Panels coating
sidings coating
Drawers coating
Bedrooms coating
Indoor furniture coating
Indoor furniture


Wood and wood-based coating
Wood and wood-based materials

Focus on

Unlimited range of profiles achievable with this machine. Ideal for wooden profile wrapping with reel mounted decorative finish materials.


PowerWrap is designed to ensure unlimited application possibilities and high output at the same time - guaranteeing maximum user-friendliness, unlimited availability and the production of virtually perfect items.
PowerWrap offers a potential unmatched to date: from "Nonstop" production with fully automatic reel changeover to self-cleaning melting, trimming and milling aggregates - to an output rate of up to 100 m/min.


  • Unwinder and automatic changeover system for reel-mounted material
  • Speed-independent adhesive dosage control for slot coater operation
  • Continuously adjustable slot coater
  • Touch screen control
  • Filter with quick changeover system
  • Pressure zone with quick changeover system
  • Reduction of set-up time thanks to transport wheels adjustment (patented)
  • Silicone rubber rollers

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