MultiWrap Spacer technology

MultiWrap Spacer

Warm edge – spacers for double & triple glazed windows

The MultiWrap Spacer by Duespohl wraps pvc profiles, which are used as spacers between window glasses. 

Application Fields

Windows coating
Extruded parts coating
Extruded parts


Plastic coating

Focus on

Environment-friendly solution for effective isolation at the edge. 


MultiWrap Spacer wraps profiles that are 5 to 50 mm wide and 5 to 6 meters long. It includes an automatic infeed system as well as a perforation unit and a separation system. The warm edge systems is a vital key to achieving the values prescribed by energy regulations. 


  • includes premelter, glue application system and separation unit:
  • can be employed as an inline or offline solution
  • when working inline, several bars can be wrapped simultaneously
  • connection to your company’s network and export of production parameters possible

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