Drying oven for enamels and paints on flat glass

Glassoven is a highly flexible, efficient modular system for any glass panel paint drying needs.

Glassoven is able to cope with all drying requirements linked to the type of painting products, even with very different chemical compositions. Ceramic glazes, organic paints, silicon-based paints and other special products require different drying processes, including additional radiation, intensive ventilation or a combination of the two, depending on the intrinsic characteristics of the painting product itself.
The oven's modular size and the fact that it can be assembled completely in-house make this oven suitable for any glass decoration requirements.
It consists of a completely enclosed structure with thermal insulation to keep heat in and avoid energy loss. Depending on configuration, Glassoven is able to reach temperatures over 200°C.
The conveyor system comprises ceramic rollers.


  • Extreme flexibility: suitable for all types of painting product
  • Unbeatable modularity
  • No heat loss: enclosed structure with thermal insulation

Application Fields

Interior coverings
Furniture components
Solar panels
Architectural structures
Doors and shower stall
Pre-paintend sheet

Focus on

Extremely flexible linear oven, suitable for drying any type of glass painting product.


  • Glass

Case Studies

Cefla and Sunview Patio Doors: analysis of a success

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