Glasscoater Cefla Finishing


Roller coater for glass panels

Glasscoater is a roller coater for the application of large amounts of paint.

Application Fields

Furniture components coating
Furniture components
Panels coating
Architectural structures coating
Architectural structures
Bedrooms coating
mirrors coating
Doors and shower stall coating
Doors and shower stall


Glass coating

Focus on

Glasscoater guarantees absolutely no paint on the edges of the glass.


Glasscoater is a roller coater allowing the application of large amounts of paint, with a fine adjustment system for setting the paint thickness within a set range.
This technology was developed in response to the rise in demand from the market for opaque effects, using both organic paints or ceramic glazes and unconventional (e.g. silicone-based) paints.

From Sorbini expertise


  • Perfect for application of very large amounts of paint
  • Extremely adaptable to unconventional products
  • Available in various working widths depending on the user's requirements

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