Roller glass coating machine

Framecoater is the roller coater for painting the frame areas of glass panels.

This special roller application system is ideal for painting the frame areas of glass panels. The special roller conveyor system guarantees unbeatable application precision and simplifies the handling of even large glass sheets.
Framecoater covers a specific demand from architects and is a replacement for conventional silk-screen printing, eliminating the costs of silk-screen matrices.
Working parameters and the thickness and width of the frame for painting are controlled automatically as required. Panels are loaded and unloaded by hand by the operator.

From Sorbini expertise


  • Maximum application precision
  • Roller conveyor suitable even for large glass panels
  • Replaces traditional silk-screen printing

Application Fields

Furniture components
Architectural structures
Doors and shower stall
Interior components

Focus on

Framecoater is perfect for coating the frame areas of even large glass panels.


  • Glass

Case Studies

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