EasyWrap Wood machine

EasyWrap Wood

Profile wrapping machine

EasyWrap Wood for wooden wrapping with foil and/or reel decorative material.

Application Fields

Furniture components coating
Furniture components
Panels coating
Frames for paintings/furniture coating
Frames for paintings/furniture
Wooden components coating
Wooden components
Profiles and door profiles coating
Profiles and door profiles


Wood and wood-based coating
Wood and wood-based materials

Focus on

Equipped with a workpiece surface cleaning brush and a patented adjustment mechanism for the transport wheels, for considerably reduced set-up time requirements.


Characterised by a smart and functional design that leaves no doubt about its advantageous investment costs to functionality ratio. EasyWrap is the wrapping machine that meets any automation and performance needs and requirements.
With EasyWrap it is possible to use high melting temperature adhesives such as EVA, APAO and PUR and coat all types of profile and decoration materials.
Machine set-up times are optimised, thanks to quick adjustment systems.

EasyWrap Wood is equipped with an intelligent SCS or RCS All-In-One adhesive application unit, which includes: melting unit, dosing pump, filtering system and all-in-one adhesive slot coater or coater roller.


  • Frequency-controlled main drive
  • Melting unit for EVA, polyolefin and PUR adhesives
  • Dosing pump with three-phase servomotor
  • Independent speed dosing control
  • Filter with quick changeover system
  • Unwinder for reel mounted material
  • Pressure zone with quick changeover system
  • Pull-out control panel

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