Drying tunnel for overhead conveyors technology

Drying tunnel for overhead conveyors

Drying tunnel for overhead conveyors

Drying tunnel especially suitable for the long drying times on multiple large workpieces.

Application Fields

Kids bedroom furniture coating
Kids bedroom furniture
Chairs coating
Windows coating
Musical instruments coating
Musical instruments
Pianos coating


Metal coating
Plastic coating
Wood and wood-based coating
Wood and wood-based materials

Focus on

It is the ideal drying solution for overhead conveyors for large, bulky products.


This type of tunnel is perfect for an initial brief drying phase, immediately after application. The tunnel is heated with infra-red lamps and hot air is forced inside at a speed adjustable to suit the type of drying process. It guarantees an extremely low, controlled level of humidity in the air.

From Falcioni expertise


  • Tunnel in insulated structure
  • Ventilation with forced air from below and air recovery at the top
  • Perfectly uniform air distribution throughout the tunnel

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