Destacker machine


Trolley loader

The Destacker is a machine that automatically unloads profiles from the coating line and places them on stacked shelves on a trolley

Application Fields

Internal matchboard coating
Internal matchboard
Frames for paintings/furniture coating
Frames for paintings/furniture
Profiles and door profiles coating
Profiles and door profiles


Wood and wood-based coating
Wood and wood-based materials

Focus on

Designed to automatically place coated profiles on trolleys


The destacker unloads newly coated profiles from the line without any manual action being required from the operator.

This machine automatically picks profiles from the line and places them on the shelves of a trolley to be taken to the drying area.

The system automatically detects the length of a piece and positions it correctly on the dedicated arms of the trolley.


  • Automatic detection of piece length
  • Trolley load optimisation
  • No manual action required after workpiece coating

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