Texturing technology

Industrial digital printing texturing process

Texturing technology includes first of all colour printing of the desired decoration and then application of a paint finish layer to be embossed.

It’s a low-cost technology (in terms of cost per square metre of decorated surface), suitable for the reproduction of natural embossing effects (in particular wood patterns, stones, leather and certain geometric patterns).

This technology is used for mass-produced, yet still highly personalised, items.

In the décor market, the goal is to obtain prints that reproduce natural materials in a true-to-life manner.

Texturing is the key element to do this.

There are 3 technologies designed to meet market requirements:

➊ digilogico technology by ZeeTree, surface texturing

➋ HAPTINK, additive printing

➌ plateFAB, IJ technology moulds for presses


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