Smartedge Patent

Continuous, automated edge sanding capabilities to avoid manual intervention and downtimes
Sanding panel edges is simple. What is also simple, yet tends to be done manually, is sanding the slightly curved section between the face of the panel and its edge, and also the corners which round off each extremity of the edge.

In order to avoid manual sanding operations, we have devised a patented system incorporated on Smartedge, which combines both tasks without needing to interrupt production. Working at the same stage of sanding, a twin group is programmed to act on both critical areas almost simultaneously, sanding the curved section along the panel width/length and sanding the two corners, one after the other, as the panel moves through the machine. 

Whereas manual sanding can create a bottleneck in the production process or generate downtimes, automatic execution is a real time-saver. Machine sanding is also more consistent and of a higher standard. Furthermore, this operator can be used to accomplish other tasks, meaning a new case of efficiency also incurs fewer costs.

Easier to understand in a short video, please contact us if you are interested in evaluating this feature.

Applied to a similar need - removing excess paint from the straight sides of a J-Pull panel – the same group, with the necessary tooling adjustments, works in a similar way sanding first one straight side then the next without interrupting production. This is another situation in which the process is usually performed manually, so time-savings and quality enhancement are repeated.

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Roberto Sorbini

Business Line Manager | Edge and Roller Coating Technologies

Product development, technologies and machines for edge and roller coating

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