Focus on finishing and industrial digital printing technologies

Gain a real insight into finishing technologies and industrial digital printing. Discover the best-suited equipment or the ideal spray-coating or roller-coating line for your products.

Stampa digitale

Industrial Digital Printing and texturing for all substrates

Automatic spray coating solutions for all substrates

Guidance for choosing the appropriate spray painting machine

Roller Coating

3D Spray coating: iGiotto

Vertical oven handling differently sized pieces together

Gluing and thermoforming as part of veneering process

Vacuum coating for mouldings, panels and fibre cement tiles

Highly automated profile wrapping solutions

Sustainable curing process for deep matt finishes

Roller coating solutions for high-gloss surface finishing

Slitting machines for surface materials on reels

Roller coating solutions also for raised panels

All about vacuum coating technologies

Industrial ovens for all types of lacquers

Benefits of vacuum coating technologies

Elliptical spray coating for large volumes

Matching quality with vacuum coating techniques

Cartesian spraying robot for greater efficiency

UV curing in an inert atmosphere

How UV LED lamps will revolutionise your results

Increase the productivity of an overhead spray coating line

Edge coating technologies

Automated coating lines for irregularly shaped products