Focus on finishing and industrial digital printing technologies

Gain a real insight into finishing technologies and industrial digital printing. Discover the best-suited equipment or the ideal spray-coating or roller-coating line for your products.

Industrial Digital Printing

A range of integrated solutions for wood, laminates, plastics, fibre cement, packaging, ceramics, fabrics and glass; including embossing capabilities for haptic effects.


A comprehensive range of spray coating solutions going from entry-level solutions to high-tech robots, booths and elliptical machines for ultra-high productivity.

Roller Coating

A full selection of roller coating equipment designed to handle flat and raised panels thanks to innovative devices and unique design features.

3D Spray coating: iGiotto

Flexible, overhead coating systems with anthropomorphic robots for windows, doors and any other 3D products with complex geometries.

Omnidry Vertical Oven Drying

Vertical oven which adjusts automatically to inbound pieces in order to balance flexibility and productivity without operator intervention.

Thermoforming process

Product veneering for items made of MDF with gluing and thermoforming with plastic material films

Vacuum technology

Compact, efficient vacuum coating solutions for panels, mouldings and tiles, also incorporating sanding, coating and drying/curing as required.

Profile wrapping technology

Individual and innovative solutions for the wrapping of wood, wood composite and plastic profiles, boosting productivity thanks to minimal set-up times.

Excimer matting technology

A sustainable technology minimising nitrogen consumption to achieve deep matt surfaces on flat or raised panels and edges.

Slitting Machines For Surface Materials On Reels

Reliable solutions for higher process safety and less working hazard – how to cut foil, veneer and paper precisely and benefit from automated solutions

Hard-core benefits from the new soft roller

New opportunities from roller coating technology