Entirely free from size constraints

OMNIDRY, the final frontier in vertical oven design, provides the revolutionary capability for fully automatic management of piece height, while retaining all the outstanding characteristics of a standard Cefla vertical oven. It can carry out all three stages (flash off, drying and cooling), even for coatings that need longer drying times, while minimising the use of floor space. The number of trays can be varied from 16 to 168.

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Flexibility and productivity

FLEXPRO (patented), is the revolutionary feature of the new Omnidry, which allows to manage the loading thickness completely automatically. It represents the perfect compromise between productivity and flexibility. Thanks to FLEXPRO, the system recognizes inbound objects, independently adjusting the load height. It's able to handle the entire cycle without intervention of the operators and never stop the production. This innovative solution is perfect for robotic applications that allow the finishing of pieces with different sizes.

Cefla’s expertise enables us to take another major step forward: the new generation of Omnidry vertical ovens
provides automatic management of variation in piece

flexible vertical oven drying Omnidry
Flexible system layout

Belt or rack trays

modular vertical oven drying Omnidry
Horizontal upgrade

Extreme modularity: Omnidry can be expanded with an additional 2 or 4 sections.