Our LAB Experience

LAB Finishing experiences

✓ 25 years of LAB experience
✓ 3000 square metres of space
✓ 85 machines

Let us start right here with the first chapter of the experience gathered by our team of finishing professionals in the Laboratory where our technicians, customers and paint suppliers carry out the tests, pre-empting industrial tests, on the solutions we provide to the market, trying out the processes and experimenting with new technologies.

Over the coming weeks, LAB Manager Eduard Raffini who has been in charge of the LAB team since 1995 and handles both the machines and the lines, will tell us the best ways to run tests.

We will take a close look at the phases of each process, from the preparation of the substrates (sanding, rusticating, brushing), to the adhesion treatments (flaming or primers, impregnations and base coats, sanding), up to the glossy, opaque or textured finishes, with a porous effect or deep matt.

There is a constant made up of variables:
▷ Each customer has specific needs
▷ Each customer has their own products
▷ Each customer has their own processes

Everyone wants to improve the business, evaluating finishing technologies, different machines, more efficient processes. It is the passion that drives time and time again to reach the best solution.

Eduard Raffini

LAB Application Manager

Test specialist and Coordinator of the Cefla Finishing HQ LAB

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