Always connected. Our team, our competences and UBIQUO at your service


We are here. We are facing an exceptional moment in our history and, after the inevitable initial steps taken to adapt to the situation, we at Cefla Finishing are continuing to provide support to our customers.

Our technicians, sales professionals and consultants are available and can be reached as usual. Our digital tools and spare parts are also available, and thanks to the solidity and presence of our competent team, at all levels, we are confidently facing the challenges of this new situation. If, on the one hand, on-site interventions have necessarily been limited and assessed on a case-by-case basis, in everyone’s interest, on the other, we are enhancing our digital channels and tools that allow us, today, to intervene quickly and give you all the support you need, thanks to UBIQUO.

In this rapidly evolving global scenario, if your finishing line or machines do not benefit yet from a remote connection, please contact us to update them so we can support you from a distance. To do so, simply get in touch with your usual contact person or persons or forward your request through our contact form.

We will take care to support you throughout this period.





赛福徕多年来专注于为木制品市场的客户提供专业的生产线设计、定制和“交钥匙”服务。而今天,在玻璃、塑料、纤维水泥、复合材料和金属制品领域,赛福徕也已成为行业的前沿领袖。我们的客户涵盖了建筑和家具行业的诸多知名品牌,甚至涉及航空及自动化行业。赛福徕集团旗下公司及品牌:赛福徕涂装, Düspohl杜斯波尔,均为各自领域内的翘楚,他们不断创新,延续着自身的实力和辉煌。