Линии отделки для автомобильной промышленности

Специально разработанные технологии обработки поверхности, обеспечивающие высочайшее качество и повышающие производительность выше существующих стандартов.

Special finishing technologies for the aerospace industry

Tailored surface finishing lines ensuring precision and flexibility to complement the high quality and value of components used in the aerospace industry, where high-tech materials are commonplace.

Finishing solutions developed for the furniture industry

Catering for changing fashions and a need for superior flexibility faced by furniture manufacturers with the latest coating technologies.

Finishing lines for architectural elements

A vast range of surface enhancement solutions that can be used for elements common to the building industry: ceramic slabs, skirting boards, solar panels, sidings, roof tiles, etc.

Finishing lines for all sorts of durable consumer goods

Flower pots, domestic appliances, pots and pans, musical instruments, glasses, helmets and other 3D products with complex shapes are some of the diverse items that industries handle on our finishing lines. We provide efficient solutions, frequently customised according to the product.

Industrial digital printing on corrugated and packaging

Industrial digital printing on corrugated and packaging gives you the fastest and best answer to a growing trend for short runs and personalised products.