Unidray-G technology


In-line, gas-powered drying oven

A compact drying system to facilitate the drying of mainly water-based paints.


Application Fields

Flat panels coating
Flat panels
Panels coating
sidings coating
Stairs coating
Flat doors coating
Flat doors
Internal matchboard coating
Internal matchboard


Wood and wood-based coating
Wood and wood-based materials
Fibercement coating
Fiber Cement
Metal coating

Focus on

The Unidry-G is a flatline, gas drying system that expedites the drying of water-based paints. Its small size accommodates shops with space limitations. It has a minimal volume of emissions that adversely affect the working environment when compared to alternative automated drying methods.


UniDry-G is a gas-powered, linear drying system that provides the optimal combination of reduced dry time, compact size, and minimized environmental footprint. It reduces dry time by 6-8 times when compared to traditional drying methods and the size of the in-feed opening can accommodate a variety of part shapes. At 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, it can fit into any size shop as an in-line or stand-alone unit. This system is unique in that it utilizes either natural gas or propane, as opposed to convection-style ovens. The oven’s conveyor table and overall dimensions are optimized for integrating with new or existing finishing lines. It houses a heat-tolerant, durable and looping conveyor belt that facilitates a continuous feed. Encased flatline drying can reduce part contamination within a small footprint.


  • Drying Technology employs catalytic combustion, which creates an incredible but controlled amount of heat
  • Temperature parameters controlled by an easy-to-use digital pyrometer
  • Compact size can fit into a variety of work environments
  • Reduced emissions positively affect your environmental impact
  • Uses either natural gas or propane, an alternative energy source that can bring cost-savings to your operation

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