Complete technology for painting and sanding edges

Smartedge is the complete solution for painting and sanding straight and shaped panel edges. It is an alternative to hand painting in stacks with considerable benefits in terms of cost savings and quality of application.

Application Fields

Flat panels
Kids bedroom furniture
Flat doors
Raised doors
Indoor furniture


Wood and wood-based materials
Ceramic (cold coating)

Focus on

Smartedge can be equipped with the new “Edge&Go” system, the patented application head with interchangeable straight or shaped blades for painting edges of any type.


Smartedge is the edge painting, filling and sanding machine which can be configured in modules to meet different quality and productivity requirements. With patented Inert Coating technology for filling the edges of MDF or chipboard panels, it is able to create a perfectly smooth surface or recreate the grain effect, and improve edges' mechanical strength. Paint can be applied with a conventional vertical roller or a patented soft vertical roller, which automatically adapts to the shape of the edge without the aid of a template, or using a patented vacuum injection technology. The vacuum system is able to paint any type of edge: the form of the application head is matched perfectly with the edge for treatment, ensuring precise, uniform painting of any shape.
Drying is by means of the integrated oven: by UV (for 100% acrylic paints) or IR (for water or solvent-based products).

From Sorbini expertise


  • Complete edge sanding and painting technology
  • With Inert Coating technology for filling the edges of MDF and chipboard panels
  • Self-adapting roller or vacuum painting technology for finishing any type of edge

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