Cefla Finishing LAB is more than just a space where our partners can run practical tests on our equipment and more than a laboratory where we develop the industry’s next innovative technology. The LAB is a concept we have converted into a strategy, which builds a strong bond between ourselves and our partners. The LAB is a facility where we are able to test entire processes and share our expertise with leading industry players. The first LAB was set up at our headquarters in Imola, followed by Charlotte (USA) and Suzhou (China).

Basing our research on real customer needs, we invest significant resources in constant innovation to shape the future of finishing. We study each process within the context of an integrated line, identifying every possible way to improve performance and achieve the best results. The LAB is where we stretch the limits of technology to bring the market new, unique opportunities.

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To ensure we always provide nothing less than cutting-edge solutions, at the end of the 1970s Cefla Finishing established a test laboratory in Imola, the main objective being to ensure we could offer customers the very best technology available. Since then, the LAB has grown in Imola and has been replicated around the world in order to embrace all our finishing technologies.

Located in Charlotte, our North American headquarters houses the most comprehensive finishing laboratory in the U.S. Customers and partners can appreciate real-life manufacturing conditions with their own substrates and finishes, judging the overall benefits obtained with Cefla finishing equipment.

Equipped with locally built machinery as well as technologies from Imola’s test laboratory, the LAB in Suzhou is an opportunity for local customers to access Cefla expertise and test solutions conveniently together with industry experts on site.

  • Imola (Italy): 3000 m2
  • Charlotte (USA): 1500 m2
  • China: 1200 m2


The future of finishing, decoration and digital printing comes to life in each of our laboratories: a process in which our partners and customers are closely involved. Since it all began we have developed over 100 patented technologies to drive the industry towards new frontiers.

Over 100 installed machines allow both our customers and lacquer suppliers to carry out the testing of new products, assess the solutions we offer via industrial testing and try out new technologies to build the machines of tomorrow.

Only through close synergy with industry partners is it possible to develop innovative solutions and attain excellent results for everyone.


We believe technological research and continuous innovation to be essential for the achievement of rewarding results. First and foremost, our goal is to be a consultant and partner.


Our North American headquarters is based in Charlotte, NC. Our 150,000 square foot facility includes the largest, most comprehensive finishing lab in the U.S. We are able to create real-world manufacturing conditions using our customer’s finishes and substrates, demonstrating how Cefla equipment can help them achieve greater quality, faster production speed and a more profitable bottom line.
Help us understand the issues you are having with your current processes and we can get to work on developing a better result for you. The lab includes equipment from all of our production brands, from finishing to profile wrapping. We encourage customers to provide us with their production challenges. With our extensive experience we’ll show them more cost-effective methods to achieve higher-quality results.

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