Bespoke solutions for creating parquet flooring with an aged look

The most efficient solution to create antique-style parquet flooring is to assemble a line that processes panels from start to finish without wasting time, space or coatings. With experience in each step of the process, we have defined the best way to approach the task starting with Brushtech, our compact sanding machine, moving on through a fully integrated finishing line featuring Smartparquet as the core element. Naturally, each customer will have a slightly different goal, so each machine or process can be tailored to achieve the desired outcome.

Efficiency moving through an integrated line

Once the boards have been initially sanded down on Brushtech, our dedicated equipment for parquet takes over to start a continuous flow for working widths up to 600 mm. Smartcoater MRF first applies 20 g/sqm of pigmented UV oil as an initial coating. The following step in the non-stop process is that of wiping the boards with a series of rotating pads and Tampico brushes. This section is made up of a P 02PL+2VS Wiper.
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The next step involves a partial UV drying stage performed in a UV-R M2 oven. This precedes the denibbing process performed on Smartwiper before moving on to the final coating of 15 g/sqm transparent UV oil on a Smartcoater MF roller coater. At this step of the process, bactericidal additives can be mixed with the UV oil and applied to the coating layer. Complete drying is then managed by an integrated in-line UV-R oven.

Let us examine your needs and create the most appropriate line according to your objectives, both in terms of the finished effect you aim for and the economic aspects that will influence your investment.
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