Vic De Zen is one of Canada’s most prominent entrepreneurs, chairman of Sunview Patio Doors Ltd., part of the Vision Group. A multi-armed, vertically integrated group, Vision reaches deeply into PVC building products, manufacturing, industrial/commercial land development and construction, leasing and property management, transport and hospitality. “The customer is always number one” is Vic’s mantra. He is building Vision, based on old -fashioned values and customer service. 

Kurt Oberparleiter, Plant Manager of Sunview Patio Doors: "We choose Cefla because of their wide range of technologies and expecience in many different industries. They were able to pick up our request providing us a tailor made solution, suitable for our business".

Sunview Patio Doors Ltd. chosen CVS Compact Vacuum System, the tailor made solution suitably designed for them by DV-Systems. The CVS is the perfect technology for selectivelty coating plastic profiles, as well as the perfect answer for high quality standard needs of a customer like Sunview Patio Doors. 

Ben Martin, Plant Line Manager of Sunview Patio Doors: "It has been our answer to our customer's request. We've been able to drastically increase the quality of our products and, at the same time, reduce labor needs and increase our turn shift hours".

Our customer uses the following products

CVS Vacuum UV Finishing Line


  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood

Machine Type:

  • Brushing and Sanding
  • Ovens
  • Vacuum Coating

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