Located in a small town in southern Germany there is a renowned company that has been producing Cajones since 1982. Originally hand-crafted by the men who founded the company, in 2003 production moved to a larger factory premises. This percussion instrument evolved into a variety of models and aesthetically it expressed different identities. Keen to increase efficiency and gain total control over the coating process, the company approached us to bring the finishing operations from a third party outfit back to their own facilities.

A niche product, this musical instrument is not mass produced and the manufacturer we worked for wanted to coat the instrument in-house rather than entrusting the process to a third party outfit. Keen to monitor quality as closely as possible, our Cajon manufacturer was faced with the need to coat three-dimensional products of different sizes. Using our anthropomorphic robot, iGiotto, we developed a ground-level conveyor, kitted it out with a reading barrier and software able to establish ideal spraying trajectories, built a pressurised booth to keep out dust particles and with vertical extraction of the overspray, and completed the line with a drying oven.

The customer appreciated the dust-free environment ensuring excellent coating quality, and was now able to master the entire production process from start to finish.

Our customer uses the following products



  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood

Machine Type:

  • Spray coating