The word INNOVATION is written in our DNA. Innovations set to reach the market in 2021 will be presented at our Cefla Live Global event in June. Join us to discover our latest technologies, providing new levels of EFFICIENCY and greater SUSTAINABILITY for your business.


Whatever it takes, we never stop innovating.
Our technology experts, engineers and market specialists have worked behind the scenes to develop new equipment for large, medium and small companies requiring competitive solutions to grow in efficiency and broaden the scope of their business through sustainability.
Extensive progress in terms of digitalisation is also spreading through our range of machines, either in stand-alone configuration or as part of integrated lines.
Whether you are a customer, supplier or partner, join us in June to witness the highlights of our innovative range.
Cefla Live Global will be presented from 3 global locations in Italy, China and the USA, and will run from June 7 – 11.
More details to follow shortly.

New iBotic
for better productivity and
faster colour changeover

Ready to give you superior flexibility and increase production efficiency, the innovations brought to the iBotic spraying robot will change your perception of time. Downtime becomes a thing of the past with the latest, exclusive innovation.

Less lacquer,
less impact on the
environment and
less time
on the line

Smartvacuum is the new answer to the market’s desire to achieve uniform and top-drawer coating quality between the flat surface and the edge of the panel. And with this it brings a host of benefits so you can save time, reduce lacquer consumption and increase sustainability.

Inert curing solutions
to cut your need
for photoinitiators

Our latest UV-I oven will enable you to substantially reduce your need for costly photoinitiators. We have developed this sustainable technology to have a positive impact on lacquer costs, curing quality and the environment.

Turnkey solutions
for new achievements
in digital printing

By combining digital printing for the edge and surface of a panel that you want to personalise to the highest degree, we have the solution. It enables minimal lead times from order to delivery and unifies the quality of the finish.

Maximum savings
from the all-new
elliptical spray coater

Our high-performance elliptical spray coating solution has been revamped to satisfy the increasing need to maximise savings and enhance production efficiency. The innovations applied to Elispray reduce downtime, cleaning procedures and lacquer consumption.