Области применения

Profiles and door profiles
Frames for paintings/furniture
Furniture components
Metal sheets and panels


Wood and wood-based materials


This melting unit, equipped with an electrical control panel, ensures full accessibility of all the parts in contact with the adhesive and 100% adhesive use rate.
Removal of cured adhesive residues is easy thanks to precision engineering and non-stick coating.
On request, UniMelt can be equipped with integrated slot coater control and integrated touch screen.


  • For melting of EVA and PUR hot melt adhesives
  • For all commercially available 2 - 20 kg block or granulate adhesives
  • Melting capacity up to 40 kg/h depending on the type of adhesive
  • Melting process controlled by accurate temperature adjustment
  • Integrated dry air generation with a pressure dew point of -70°C thanks to external compressed air generation

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