Adhesive Melting Unit

UniMelt is the melting unit that can be used with all adhesive application assemblies such as rollers and nozzles (slot coaters).

Области применения

Отделка компонентов мебели
Комплектующие для мебели
Отделка плоских панелей
Плоские панели
Отделка панелей
Отделка шпона
Отделка окон
Отделка плоских дверей
Плоские двери


Отделка изделий из древесины и ее производных
Древесина и ее производные
Отделка пластика


This melting unit, equipped with an electrical control panel, ensures full accessibility of all the parts in contact with the adhesive and 100% adhesive use rate.
Removal of cured adhesive residues is easy thanks to precision engineering and non-stick coating.
On request, UniMelt can be equipped with integrated slot coater control and integrated touch screen.


  • For melting of EVA and PUR hot melt adhesives
  • For all commercially available 2 - 20 kg block or granulate adhesives
  • Melting capacity up to 40 kg/h depending on the type of adhesive
  • Melting process controlled by accurate temperature adjustment
  • Integrated dry air generation with a pressure dew point of -70°C thanks to external compressed air generation

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