SynCut 150G

SynCut 150G

Separation system for wrapped pvc profiles 

Chipless separation of pvc profiles during transport

Области применения

Отделка окон
Отделка пластиковых деталей
Пластиковые детали
Отделка экструдированных деталей
Экструдированные детали


Отделка пластика

Focus on

Also performs a double-cut in order to make sure wrapped pvc profiles will be separated precisely at their edges, without any overhanging foil. 


The SynCut 150G divides pvc profiles with a hot knife, giving her the nickname “guillotine”. As all other models of the SynCut series, it works without profile clamping, leaving the profile in a perfect shape without any marks or deformations. Benefit from an automated solution for the separation of pvc profiles so your operators will be free to focus on other tasks. 


  • can be employed as an output boosting component of a new line or increase productivity of an existing line:
  • works at up to 40 m/min
  • runs synchronically to the profile

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