Reel slitting machine

RSW is the slitting machine equipped with two different knife systems: RSW T disc knife system and RSW Q crush cutter system.

Области применения

Отделка материалов в рулонах
Рулонированные материалы


Отделка пластика


This machine is used in several industrial sectors.
The RSW reel slitter/winder machine is ideal for transverse slitting of paper, PVC, PP, PE, PU sheets/foils, sandwich foils, laminates, and certain textiles or metal foils, but also veneer, ABS, melamine resin edge materials and other materials depending on their thickness.


  • Automatic remote diameter-dependent braking power control
  • Constant web speed
  • Reduced set-up times thanks to the quick tool change option independently of machine operation with the quick tool change kit
  • 2 winding shafts 
  • Low-vibration steel frame
  • Residual strip removal
  • High power drive to ensure tight reels
  • Deionisation option

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