Primestar can be retrofitted to all existing wrapping machines.
It is a latest generation, complete system suitable for vacuum application of primer through a profile-specific coating head. Excess insulating agent is removed via a vacuum suction chamber integrated in the coating head and fed back to the starting station.


  • The integrated system control guarantees application quantity consistency at all production speeds; speeds of 40 m/min and above can be achieved.
  • A self-cleaning filter system removes impurities from the backflow of primer before it is fed back to the circuit.
  • The integrated level control in the product tank automatically takes the amount of primer to be applied from an external container.
  • Machine set up is completed in just a few seconds.
  • New generation coating heads, cost-efficient and easily adaptable to any geometric shape of the profile.

Области применения

Profiles and structural metalwork
Plastic components

Focus on

Primer application is evenly homogeneous regardless of the geometry of the profile. Even hard-to-reach surfaces such as grooves or downward facing areas are perfectly coated.


  • Древесина
  • Пластик
  • Металл

Истории сотрудничества

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