PowerWrap is designed to ensure unlimited application possibilities and high output at the same time - guaranteeing maximum user-friendliness, unlimited availability and the production of virtually perfect items.
PowerWrap offers a potential unmatched to date: from "Nonstop" production with fully automatic reel changeover to self-cleaning melting, trimming and milling aggregates - to an output rate of up to 100 m/min.


  • Unwinder and automatic changeover system for reel-mounted material
  • Speed-independent adhesive dosage control for slot coater operation
  • Continuously adjustable slot coater
  • Touch screen control
  • Filter with quick changeover system
  • Pressure zone with quick changeover system
  • Reduction of set-up time thanks to transport wheels adjustment (patented)
  • Silicone rubber rollers

Области применения

Frames for paintings/furniture
Furniture components
Profiles and door profiles

Focus on

Unlimited range of profiles achievable with this machine. Ideal for wooden profile wrapping with reel mounted decorative finish materials.


  • Древесина
  • Пластик
  • Металл

Истории сотрудничества

Cefla and Sunview Patio Doors: analysis of a success

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"We choose Cefla because of their wide range of technologies and expecience in many different industries"

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