Cutting and Slicing System for Paper, Laminates, Plastic

MasterSlice is designed to cut, split and slice paper, laminates and plastics.
It is highly user-friendly with extremely low maintenance time requirements.

Области применения

Отделка шпона
Отделка материалов в рулонах
Рулонированные материалы


Отделка пластика

Focus on

The operator can easily reach all machine elements - ergonomically arranged and always controllable thanks to the control unit and user interface integrated in the machine body


For cutting and slicing paper, laminates and plastics, MasterSlice has practical linear guides that are parallel and perpendicular to the reel and allow accurate cutting to be carried out.
Both the feed rate and the cutting speed of the slicing machine are pre-selected by a potentiometer according to the material to be cut - making work much easier for the operator.


  • High cutting quality thanks to servo-driven speed control.
  • A pneumatic tensioning shaft prevents any "drifting" during slicing.
  • The slicing stroke is limited by automatic recognition of the cardboard dimension before slicing begins.
  • Fast and safe handling.
  • User-friendly programming.

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