Laminator for sheets and reels

Laminator is the sheet and coil fleece backing machine for veneers, also available with adhesive coater nozzles. Suitable for processing sheet and reel materials with optional winder and unwinder.

Области применения

Отделка шпона


Отделка изделий из древесины и ее производных
Древесина и ее производные

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To adjust to changes in the material flow, every step of the processing cycles (adhesive coating, drying and laminating zones) is equipped with a stand-alone, frequency-controlled drive.


Laminator is the ideal solution for laminating/matching sheet and reel materials with PVAC adhesives. Equipped with a highly efficient flashing off and drying zone, which automatically adapts the intensity of its infrared beams to the feed rate, allowing adequate processing speeds to be reached. Once the water fraction in the PVAC adhesive has evaporated, a heated laminating zone presses the textile and the veneer together.
Automatic, diameter-dependent brake force control of the textile material unwinder guarantees constant material tension. All components in contact with the glue, such as the metering rollers or the backing rollers, are made of stainless steel. All electrical components are highly user-friendly and contained in a pull-out control cabinet located under the machine.


  • High production speed
  • Rubber-coated adhesive application roller and stainless steel dosing roller
  • Clearly defined drying area with IR modules to be activated in groups
  • Reel unwinder with automatic adjustment of the web tension
  • Pull-out control panel

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