FHS Foil Heating System

Области применения

Frames for paintings/furniture
Profiles and door profiles
Furniture components


Wood and wood-based materials

Focus on

Foil temperature is kept constant even at rapidly changing feed rates through automatic adjustment of the heated surface in contact with the foil.


Through a special device, the operator can pre-set a temperature value before the subsequent adhesive coating.
Through the FHS foil heating system, the material slides on a temperature controlled heating plate, covered with anti-wear material, under controlled temperature conditions. The actual temperature of the coating material is sensed by a contactless pyrometer. A cylinder with position measuring system controls the wrapping angle of the heating plate, so that the pre-selected temperature is kept constant regardless of machine speed.


  • Heating not dependent on foil colour and structure
  • Non-stick coating surface
  • Low energy consumption
  • Contactless foil temperature measurement remotely from the adhesive application unit
  • No foil thermal deformation in case of machine stops
  • No radiant heat/glare near the machine
  • Pre-selectable foil temperature
  • Can be retrofitted to all existing machines

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