Goodbye Paco

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our beloved colleague, Paco Bermell, Regional Sales Manager for Cefla South America. Paco was one of the best salesmen we knew, dedicated to his job, focused and determined, but also a lively man who knew how to enjoy life.
He has been a Cefla employee since 1991 as the VP for Cefla Spain. As most of you know, during the recession, Paco took on a new challenge and relocated his entire family to Florida from Spain to take on leadership of the South American markets.
Today our thoughts go to his family, his wife Nieves and his two beautiful daughters, Gloria and Mila.
We wish to share with you the memories we have collected over years with Paco: a selfless person, a valuable resource for Cefla but, above all, a dear friend.
If you would like to help keep his memory alive, feel free to submit a picture or a message so we can share it with his family.
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He will be missed by all of us at Cefla.