Welcome to Italian Finishing School.

Each year the Italian Finishing School is held at Cefla LAB, the world’s largest finishing laboratory located in Imola. 

What is the Italian Finishing School?

IFS is an exclusive schooling event during which Cefla Finishing combines thought-leading theory with practical hands-on demonstrations in a fully equipped 3000 sqm laboratory devoted to surface enhancement technologies. Customers, lacquer and coating suppliers take part to test new coating solutions, experimenting new techniques and obtaining industrial results for the technologies destined to the global market. 
The course is held in English and time will be split more or less equally between classroom sessions and laboratory experience.

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IFS Online Channel

Why we decided to do this

IFS Online Channel

The Italian Finishing School, an exclusive event held regularly at the world’s largest Finishing Laboratory in Imola and hosted by Cefla Finishing, assembles the industry’s leading names to share innovation, theory and practical demonstrations, fostering the evolution of technology in surface enhancement.
As technology moves faster than an annual event, we at Cefla Finishing have decided to launch the IFS Online Channel to keep pace with the progress made every day in each of our specialised laboratories around the world.
The IFS Online Channel relies on the internet to gather our wealth of experience and share our knowledge across one channel, from us to you.
It is our way of introducing you to the entire team, the many faces and multiple skills that constitute our unique value proposition. Wherever you are in the world and whatever your interest may be in terms of surface enhancement technologies, as one company made up of researchers, designers, engineers, process experts, software specialists, sales professionals and qualified technicians, we can provide a unique solution, tailored to respond to your needs today and in the future.

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Following the first two days devoted to theory, participants can select their focus group on Day 3. The 2020 edition offers in-depth sessions on:

  1. Spray coating systems
  2. Roller coating and drying
  3. Overhead coating solutions

Day 4 is split between a morning dedicated to the fast-growing world of industrial digital printing and includes a close look at the opportunities for high-degree customisation and 3D techniques using Embossing in Register. To round off the day, we serve drinks, participants receive a diploma and have a chance to discuss needs one-to-one with our sales team.

For those wishing to follow an optional second full day on a specific topic, the same 3 sessions are repeated on Day 5 enabling participants to select a different subject. Day 5 will be charged as an extra on top of the standard course fee, which includes the first four days.

Courses which provide theoretical and practical training:

  • Manager/Operator of Finishing Line
  • Buyer of Industrial Machinery /Plant Manager
  • Maintenance Manager/ Operator
  • Quality Assurance & Control Manager

What topics are dealt with?

IFS is a chance to share experiences and examine the following processes:

  • Sanding
  • Roller coating
  • Spray coating 
  • Drying 
  • Windows - doors finishing line
  • Industrial digital printing

What can I get out of IFS?

Whatever your role in the world of surface enhancement technologies, IFS 2020 will give operators both a detailed introduction to all finishing processes as well as specific information and tips regarding the latest methods and technologies.

Cefla Finishing is the only company able to create a professional training experience of this overall scope and specific detail in a context where participants will get to grips with real-life situations in the world’s largest finishing laboratory.

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How do I sign up for IFS?

The course is open to a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 participants.

IFS 2020 includes:

  • 4 days of schooling (the fifth day is optional and will incur an extra fee)
  • Meals and accommodation
  • Shuttle service to and from Bologna airport or Bologna train station

Only inbound and outbound rail tickets or flights are excluded from the total fee.

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What have participants said about past editions of IFS?

I was very pleased with this training, we shared our experience with high-level teachers, in a unique LAB powered by innovative machinery. Finishing is a fantastic mix of art & science, but also a process very difficult to manage; we absolutely need opportunities like this to refresh and update our knowledge in order to constantly improve our results. Thanks IFS!

Pietro Attubato, Finishing Dept. Manager at Boffi Spa

It was great to have the opportunity through IFS to leverage the experience of colleagues from other companies on problems and issues I face everyday in my job. I learned a lot through this and want to thank all my training colleagues who helped me reach the improvement goals I had been given by my company.

Massimiliano Meoni, Finishing Line Manager at Falegnami Italia

My aim was to obtain an overview of what was possible with surface treatments from a company like Cefla, and this was delivered with incredible professionalism.

My aim was to obtain an overview of what was possible with surface treatments from a company like Cefla, and this was delivered with incredible professionalism.

Working in a product development area, it's important to understand the processes required to create a variety of products. The IFS courses are really great for this. I have a much better understanding of the processes required, and can now make better judgements and decisions through the knowledge I have gained.

This IFS course was great for someone who wants to learn about all the finishing technologies in the industry.