Focus on finishing and industrial digital printing technologies

Gain a real insight into finishing technologies and industrial digital printing. Discover the best-suited equipment or the ideal spray-coating or roller-coating line for your products.

Stampa digitale

Przemysłowy druk cyfrowy

A range of integrated solutions for wood, laminates, plastics, fibre cement, packaging, ceramics, fabrics and glass; including embossing capabilities for haptic effects.

Lakierowanie natryskowe

A comprehensive range of spray coating solutions going from entry-level solutions to high-tech robots, booths and elliptical machines for ultra-high productivity.

Spray coating seen from 3 points of view

According to the size of your company or the volumes you are dealing with on a spray coater, you will need to assess many factors and consider several different solutions. Be sure to read this page.

Roller Coating

A full selection of roller coating equipment designed to handle flat and raised panels thanks to innovative devices and unique design features.


Flexible, overhead coating systems with anthropomorphic robots for windows, doors and any other 3D products with complex geometries.


Vertical oven which adjusts automatically to inbound pieces in order to balance flexibility and productivity without operator intervention.

Gluing and thermoforming as part of veneering process

Gluing and thermoforming constitute 2 steps in the veneering process which applies plastic films to MDF panels and panel edges.

Oklejanie profili

Indywidualne i innowacyjne rozwiązania do oklejania profili drewnianych i plastikowych

Exydry-Z wykorzystuje technologię ekscymerową

A sustainable technology minimising nitrogen consumption to achieve deep matt surfaces on flat or raised panels and edges.

Oklejanie profili

Indywidualne i innowacyjne rozwiązania do oklejania profili drewnianych i plastikowych

Roller coating solutions also for raised panels

Nowe możliwości technologii wykańczania walców.

Vacuum coating technologies

Keep control of lacquer consumption and obtain excellent coating quality with a latest-generation vacuum coating solution.

Industrial ovens for all types of lacquers

A broad range of industrial ovens to cater for the needs of companies with finishing lines using all lacquer types.

Smartvacuum Benefits of vacuum coating technologies

A new set of opportunities and benefits for manufacturers of cabinet doors, panels and bathroom furniture comes from vacuum coating technologies.

Elliptical spray coating for large volumes

High-speed distribution, superior transfer efficiency and greater reliability are the hallmarks of our new elliptical spraying system.

Smartvacuum Matching quality with vacuum coating techniques

One way to match the finishing quality of your flat surface with the edge is to use vacuum application technology on both sections, with Smartvacuum and Smartedge.

iBotic: Cartesian spraying robot for greater efficiency

More flexible than before and featuring new optional devices to enable zero-downtime colour changeovers and lower lacquer or solvent consumption.

UV-I: UV curing in an inert atmosphere

UV-I cures in an inert atmosphere, so that the high cost of photoinitiators is avoided. Crosslinking quality also improves, especially for thinner coating layers.

How UV LED lamps will revolutionise your results

With UV-R LED, you improve curing performance, increase sustainability, significantly reduce costs and almost eliminate maintenance. Much safer than traditional UV ovens with mercury or gallium lamps, LED lamps last at least 40 times longer and their intensity barely fluctuates.

Overhead spray coating lines for complex pieces

Complete with automation software and reading barriers, a vertical spraying line handles complex products and enhances productivity.

Edge coating technologies

Technologies for sanding and finishing edges