SynCut V330

SynCut V330

For the precise cutting of drawers and related profiles that have been vertically wrapped. 

This flying cut-off saw has been designed to be highly dynamic and even cut short lengths while producing at a high speed. 

Application Fields

malowanie Komponenty do mebli
Komponenty do mebli
malowanie szuflady


malarstwo Drewno i pochodne
Drewno i pochodne

W centrum zainteresowania

Easy to use and fast flying cut-off saw for vertically wrapped profiles to increase your productivity. 


The smart system traces the position of the joint, so the operator does not have to program the new length when changing from one profile to the following one. This process works independently from the machine's velocity and the lengths of the work pieces. 


  • available as retrofit or as a component of a vertical wrapping machine
  • intelligent control unit that traces joint automatically
  • easy to use, language independent control panel

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