Thermoplastic granulate pre-melting unit

Powermelt is the adhesive melting unit which, unlike other systems, generates pre-melting extruder energy exclusively through a mechanical system.

Application Fields

Rolki forniru obraz
Rolki forniru
malowanie Komponenty do mebli
Komponenty do mebli
malowanie Fronty płaskie
Fronty płaskie
malowanie Płyty
malowanie Okna
malowanie Drzwi płaskie
Drzwi płaskie


malarstwo Drewno i pochodne
Drewno i pochodne

W centrum zainteresowania

The new worm screw configuration ensures perfectly homogeneous "Hightherm" granular adhesive melting (high-temperature hot melting) as is required, for example, for feeding a nozzle-type coater.


Powermelt does not require any special cleaning or machine stopping for topping up.
It is ideal for all thermoplastic granulate adhesives commonly available commercially and allows for maximum temperature regulation precision.


  • Possible implementation in all systems and application sectors
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Extremely low consumption
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Adhesive feeding can also be done directly via a Big pack

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