Overhead line

Overhead line

Automatic through conveyor

iLoad is an automatic system for loading and unloading workpieces on an overhead conveyor.

Is a kit comprised of a series of carriages with motorised automatic movement, which guarantees the loading and unloading of workpieces on an overhead conveyor, without the need for any operator supervision.

Mono and bi-rail over head conveyor
The chain, main component of the overhead line, is always constructed using closed paths. Its length is determined based on production and coating cycle requirements. The paths are connected to one another by means of switches that are automatically activated during the cycle, creating standard and alternative paths. If requested, the line can include a monorail chain overhead line for single pieces, as well as a double-rail system, with power and free function.

From Falcioni expertise


  • Fully automatic loading/unloading system
  • No operator supervision required

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iLoad is the best system for automatic management of the loading and unloading of workpieces on complex overhead conveyors.


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