Forni in linea per profili

Forni in linea per profili

In-line ovens with IR lamps for mouldings.

Range of in-line ovens for drying paints on mouldings and narrow boards.

The Cefla range of in-line ovens also includes a configuration specifically created for drying paints applied to mouldings and narrow boards up to 300 mm wide.
In-line ovens for mouldings are available in two configurations: hot air or counter-flow. Drying is by means of lamps, laminar ventilation and/or with a jet-air system combined with an infra-red system. They are recommended for drying and/or preheating on moulding finishing lines.

From Delle Vedove expertise


  • Working width up to 300 mm
  • Perfect for drying and/or preheating

Application Fields

Łóżeczka dziecięce
Elementy ekstrudowane
Profile i stolarka
Ościeżnice i profile drzwiowe

W centrum zainteresowania

In-line oven custom-designed for moulding and narrow board finishing lines


  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Metal
  • Fibercement

Case Study

Cefla and Tryba: analysis of a success

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