Participants at Cefla Live are the first industry players to discover UBIQUO.

During the tenth edition of Cefla Live, the event which attracts key players in the finishing industry, the host company introduced a new concept aimed at boosting customer profits. Based on a series of smart service packs, customers will tap into Cefla Finishing’s experience and expertise, as well as their broad range of Industry 4.0 software tools, to achieve greater production efficiency, long-term equipment reliability and improved operator skills and knowledge, ultimately leading to increased profit margins.

UBIQUO aims to respond to real needs with real answers.

Because real customer needs are not confined to a new technology, an innovative function or to a software suite, Cefla Finishing has turned its focus to providing an extensive range of comprehensive services devoted to efficiency, reliability and competence. It is called UBIQUO, a tailored mix of expert consultancy, latest-generation tools and digital solutions – a carefully construed recipe to answer a real need with a concrete benefit, available at all times anywhere in the world. Quite simply a strategy whose main aim is to help improve a customer’s profits.

Physical, virtual, digital.

UBIQUO comprises anything from remote assistance to simple software solutions ensuring data transfer, more complex software tools, hardware such as a VR visor or HoloLens, as well as expert consultancy and support, people who understand and answer customer needs. Mixing the physical, virtual and digital spheres allows Cefla Finishing to address issues from all angles, providing a multi-dimensional solution rather than a two-dimensional remedy.

Industry 4.0 tools play a key role, but not the only role.

Amongst the latest software solutions, customers will discover cMaster, a web-based software providing real-time data or selected information and statistics for period-focused research and preventive maintenance. Available with a smartphone and an internet connection, there is no need for special software or hardware. cMaster allows production managers to monitor more than one plant or production line from anywhere in the world. Further Industry 4.0 solutions include cCloner (simulation, and training with the aid of VR devices); cTracker enabling real-time evaluation of production and “on the fly” parameter adjustments; cLink, a data transfer solution bridging the gap between equipment and ERP.

UBIQUO is the first of its kind.

The real novelty is the way UBIQUO has interpreted the market’s need to invert the point of view. UBIQUO addresses an issue from the customer’s point of view: how to be more efficient, how to be more competitive, how to make more money.