Cefla Live Suzhou

Over time, we have transferred both our know-how and the processes used in Italy to Cefla Equipment Suzhou, to make the best technology and professionalisms available to the Chinese market. As part of this policy, we chose to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Chinese location with the 1 st Cefla Live Suzhou, featuring an on-site demonstration of our state-of- the-art expertise in finishing automation, for all Chinese producers wishing to implement the production processes required by the European and American standards.

More than 100 customers from South East China enjoyed a live innovation and technology experience in 2 days of tests, talks and 1-to-1 meetings, in our Lab itself. 

Specifically, this Cefla Live included:
● live tests with the Smartcoater, a roller coater machine for high-gloss coatings
● live coating tests with the Easy and Facile spraying machines
● live maintenance tutorials
● talks on topics of key importance for the country:
- high-gloss solution
- maintenance and best practices for our solutions
- V.O.C. (Volatile organic compounds) and environmental regulations
- industry 4.0
● 1 to 1 meetings with our experts on industry 4.0, V.O.C. and environmental solutions

Reflecting the strength of the teamwork we have always cultivated with our partners, Cefla Live at Suzhou was also attended by coating suppliers, who were able to present their solutions and dialogue directly with customers.