Cefla adds a new section to its Finishing LAB for the 10th edition of Cefla Live

Now a key fixture on the finishing calendar worldwide, Cefla Live opens its doors October 17th to host the tenth edition of an event which has gained global recognition in the industry. Already a spacious venue, Cefla Finishing’s expanding scope into digital printing and the evolution of its Industry 4.0 solutions have led to increased floorspace making the world’s largest finishing laboratory even larger.

Where tests are conducted and trends are set for the future of the industry

Cefla Live is the industry’s annual opportunity to discover and share the latest innovations. The event gathers key players from around the world, allowing Cefla to host the trends that will define the progress this sector will make over the coming year. Thanks to a vast selection of on-site machinery, customers, prospects, suppliers, partners, technicians and independent experts are all able to physically test most finishing processes, obtaining vital data to make key decisions after the event. The variety of Industry 4.0 solutions available also enable participants to examine the potential of new software tools designed to enhance production efficiency, ensure long-term reliability and enable operator training and remote monitoring and control.

Focusing on the real benefits for the industry and for the participants

Partnership and leadership are characteristics which are playing a fundamental role in Cefla’s evolution. They dictate the way the company is developing its service offering to the industry and are clearly a guiding principle throughout the event. Cefla Live represents a stage for all partners, some of whom are delivering speeches at this year’s event, making this a valuable touchpoint for all participants.

As industry leader, Cefla Finishing also has the responsibility to seek out and respond to real needs. Real needs are not confined to a new technology, an innovative function or to a software suite. Real needs are: maximum efficiency at all times, long-term reliability, fully trained staff and, in the end, better profit margins. Such benefits are possible only when the service offering includes a number of factors, so Cefla Finishing is now turning its attention to providing a 360° pack devoted to efficiency, reliability, competence, predictability etc. At the core of the new approach is a tailored mix of expert consultancy, latest-generation tools and digital solutions – a carefully construed recipe to answer a real need with a concrete benefit, available at all times anywhere in the world. Its name is UBIQUO. Quite simply a strategy whose main aim is to help improve a customer’s profits. Amidst a host of novelties at the event, UBIQUO could be the real innovation participants will be talking about, but Cefla Finishing is also showcasing six exclusive innovations.

Six answers to six questions

Listening to a specific question will lead to a tangible solution. This is what the PowerBack System does. Customers looking to be more green and reduce their energy costs can save up to 30% on an iBotic spraying robot fitted with this device. Energy retrieval generated through deceleration of the spraying arms is used to help power the outlet fan.

Customers want to avoid time-consuming programming for 3D spraying trajectories. The cVision 3D Scanner eliminates any manual intervention by scanning pieces as they enter the anthropomorphic robot’s spraying area, generating optimal parameters that achieve consistent coating quality from the first piece to the last.

Frequent stops to adjust the geometry of the application head when coating edge profiles are a nightmare for productivity. The versatility of Cefla Finishing’s Edge&Go device enables continuous processing of different edges without the need to stop the flow.

One panel. Maybe a replacement. With an embossed surface reproducing the visual and tactile effect of wood grain. Answering such a need no longer means a multi-step process involving a large-sized scanner or a photographer before setting equipment up for one panel. Scan to Print is a new technology which allows customers to replicate a panel one-shot, even with a 3D finish, going from scanning to printing without the intermediate steps.

How many pieces has the factory processed today? What recurrent alarms need to be dealt with? Which components are due to be replaced? Monitoring one production line or more, even at different sites, can now be done via a smartphone with an internet connection. cMaster provides real-time data or selected information and statistics for period-focused research and preventive maintenance. An entirely web-based tool, there is no need for special software or hardware.

Training operators without a machine to train on is a little like going from one end of Manhattan to the other without knowing the traffic situation, where the roadworks are or even whether you are using a car, a bicycle or a bus. Accurate simulation tools and the advantages of Virtual Reality make learning much more effective and cCloner software enables operators to acquire skills before the equipment is installed, while it is running to adapt their competences and whenever remote service technicians need to illustrate a required intervention.

Each tool, technology or device responds to a specific need. Many customers will be aware of the need and actively seek a solution. Some customers passively acknowledge the need, without envisaging a solution. Others are not aware of the need. Loyal to their role as surface technology enhancement leader, Cefla Finishing is presenting the broadest range of answers at this year’s Cefla Live. Doors open October 17th through 19th.