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In a green industry which has yet to stop growing (CAGR of over 20% forecast for the coming 5 years) solar panels depend on specially conceived nano coating technologies to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. One key aspect regards the uniformity of an extremely thin layer of anti-reflective coating; we’re talking nanometres. As anti-reflective coatings are expensive, the application needs to be precise and uniform to maintain consumption to what is strictly necessary.

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At Cefla Finishing, we have developed a process in our Laboratory which involves a machine applying an extremely thin layer of coating in one single application, the innovative Solarcoater. This machine has been designed to apply liquid coatings or protective layers in tiny quantities than are measured only in nanometres. Following this step, panels are dried in a special oven which adapts perfectly to coatings of almost any chemical composition.

There are a number of ways to resolve the need for solar panel coating. According to your specific needs, our technical experts will devise an economically viable, tailored solution, which aims to achieve your goals in terms of product quality and production efficiency.


Solarcoater, the state of the art in roller coaters for the application of anti-reflective nano coatings to glass panels.

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Glassoven is a highly flexible, efficient modular system for any glass panel paint drying needs.

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Glasscool is a cooling tunnel for glass panels, for use downstream of the paint drying oven.

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The search function is now available for complete production lines. Search results will indicate the most suitable solution, based on the level of flexibility required, the productivity range and the overall footprint. Solutions are classified as small (S), medium (M) or large (L).

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