What’s the best finishing cycle
for cabinet doors?


Cabinet doors may appear to be simple products, but you need to get the process right to end up with a quality product.
Sanding the edge is the first step in the process, either done with a sanding wheel or an abrasive belt. 

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This is followed by vacuum application of the base coat on the edge using our Smartedge, edge-coating solution. We then run a series of 2 vacuum applications of a white UV coating using a total of 180 g/sqm followed by semi-curing in a UV oven with one intermediate Gallium lamp for each of the first 2 stages. A third coating layer of 90 g/sqm is then applied with final curing in an oven using a Gallium and Mercury lamp. The process ends with automatic sanding by means of a sanding wheel and an abrasive belt.

The second phase starts when the panels are spray coated using iBotic, our high-capacity Cartesian spraying robot. iBotic will also handle J-Pull profiles as well as standard flat panels. This machine sprays both the flat surface and edges, obtaining a high-quality finish. After applying 140 g/sqm of a polyurethane-based pigment, the cabinet doors are dried completely in Omindry, our flexible vertical oven which can be fitted with the optional FLEXPRO function catering for different sized pieces, also with different thicknesses, automatically.

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Smartedge is the complete solution for painting and sanding straight and shaped panel edges. It is an alternative to hand painting in stacks with considerable benefits in terms of cost savings and quality of application.

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iBotic is the interpolated axis Cartesian spraying robot, with one or two arms, perfect for high production capacities and unbeatable quality.

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With the revolutionary FLEXPRO function (patented), the new Omnidry range of vertical ovens represents the final frontier in vertical drying.

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