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Cefla North America’s third edition of CeflaLive Charlotte will be held May 18-20, 2022. This will serve as the most significant live demonstration event dedicated to finishing professionals in North America: a hyper-focused, in-person event offering access to the latest techniques, tools, and technologies available to the industry. Discover our automated solutions, such as our iBotic spraying robot, perfect for high precision applications requiring unbeatable quality. Cefla also offers affordable automated finishing solutions for companies seeking cost-effectiveness and productivity, such as our our Prima spray and UniDry-G drying work cell. Uncover innovations, solutions, and opportunities accessible to finishing professionals at any level.

Spray coating
options at every level

Automation is a top priority with Cefla's iBotic spraying robot built to increase your efficiency, while elevating your quality. Two arms work simultaneously on pieces of different shapes, thickness, size, etc. Our entry-level automation begins with our Prima single-arm reciprocating spray machine, and is ideal for companies seeking cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and productivity. As one of your largest expenses, reducing consumption of coatings, solvents, and cleaning materials is essential. Cefla spray systems can help reduce these costs while still providing consistent, high-quality results. Cefla has a solution for shops of all sizes and production scales.

A smarter way
to roll-coat

Boost efficiency, save money, and improve coating quality with Cefla roll-coating technologies. Offerings range from sophisticated rollers with automated adaptations for varying shapes and thicknesses to compact and economical multi-process lines that increase efficiency and capability in small shops.

up with
digital printing technologies

Get ready for the future of special printing and professional graphics applications. Industrial digital printing can help businesses capture revenue from even the smallest orders. This technology prints onto virtually any substrate: flat, wood, non-wood, plastic, metal, and even modern eco-friendly materials. Start utilizing this original technology today and provide your clients with beautiful, durable surfaces

Profile finishing

Produced in Charlotte NC, the profile finishing line offers a series of specialized, profile-coating machines capable of coating all four sides of linear parts up to 12 inches in width. Learn how this technology can reduce your coating consumption and streamline your production process.

and teleservice

Industry 4.0 is within your grasp with Ubiquo service packages and software solutions. Experience expert technical support at a local level and remote servicing as Cefla's tech team problem solve from their command center. Learn more about how easy it is to enable these technologies in your factory.